AOPA Pilot Information Form

Each year in Awe need to renew our insurance with AOPA. They require updated information for each club member. Please download and complete the pilot information form and send it to or deliver to Roger Beck at W24, Falwell Airport.

PilotHistoryForm (pdf)


Flight Club Membership

Flying for the Everyman

3 Amigos' goal is providing access to good quality General Aviation Aircraft for a reasonable price. Whether you need flight instruction or just want to exercise your rights as a pilot, we have you covered. 

Flight Instruction

Not only do we provide aircraft for our club members, but there are members within the club willing and able to provide training towards an additional rating or certificate. With a variety of experience and ratings to provide the instruction that you need these instructors can help you make what you need happen. 

Why Club Membership?

Flight club membership gives simplicity and a sense of ownership in your flying experience without the hassle and expense of airplane ownership. Not only do you get a reasonable rate for airplane usage, but you also have access to the equipment at any time. There is no need to rely on staff who are only available during business hours in order to fly. You go when and where you want. Schedule on the fly and get out there!


Once you become a member, payment of your monthly dues will provide you with access to our fleet of aircraft. Your personal member account will allow you to schedule yourself on any airplane, that you have been checked out in, at any time. You simply swing by, grab your airplane, and enjoy the perks of the World of Aviation!


With our knowledgeable and experienced, FAA licensed mechanics, we will keep your head in the clouds! Should there be any issues with the aircraft we are available to contact whenever the need should arise. If the need is urgent we will make sure that the airplane is taken care of immediately so that everyone can get back up in the air as soon as possible. 

How Do I Join?

We make it easy to Join and get flying! In order to become a member you just fill out our  simple application, bring it by, with your application fee to cover the background check, and we will get you going on the next steps. Once you are approved we will work with you to set up your user account. Then you can pay your first month's dues and get flying!

Membership Application Form

3 Amigos Flight Club Membership application form V3.3 (pdf)


How to Apply

 To apply for membership in the 3 Amigos flight club, please download the apllication form and fill out each of its fields. When finished, bring the application to our business address at:

3 Amigos Flight Club
4332 Richmond HighwayLynchburg, VA. 24501

Applications for membership are $40.
Just drop by with your filled out application and the fee (which covers the background check) and we can get you going.
All applicants will undergo a background check, (Credit and Criminal) and your signed application constitutes your permission for the 3 Amigos Flight Club to verify any and all information relevant to your membership. The background check will be performed through Beck Invesments LLC, a real estate holding firm.